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Norlina Baptist Church







COVID-19 Pandemic



Kelly A. 

Don B. 

Lenwood B.

Lewis B.

Brenda B.

Peggy B.

Rachel I. B.

William B.

James B.

 Donna B.

Pete B.

Ben B.

Brandy B.

Family of Faye B.

Donald B.

Brian B.

Morgan B. 

Allen B. 

Janice B.

 Robert B. 

Bill B.

Michelle C.

Sam C.

Mary Donna Cl.

Anastacio C.

Hope C.

Jennifer C.'s Mom

Brodie C.

Frances C.

Randy C.

Julie D.

Bryan D.

Harry D.

Skip D. and Family

Maynard D.

Richard D.

Melissa D.

Gloria E.

Allen E.

Sarah E.

Ed F.

Linda F.

Lisa F.

Al F.

Tanya F.

Teresa F.


Jean F.

Brenda F.

Gracie G.

Richard G.

Emma G.

Horace G.

Willis G.

Family of Betty Hall

Johnny H.

Shirley H.

Stacey H. 

Dolly H.

Bradley H.

Robert H. 

Tim H.

Gail H.

Gary J.

Lisa Ke.

Barbara Kem.

Joe L.

Christie La.

Christy Le.

Christy Li.

Nick L.

Christy L.

Tony L.

Tony L.'s Dad

Tony L.'s Mom

Candy Mc A.

Carolyn McC

Dawson Mc C.

Pat Mc M.

Cathy Ma.

Alexis M.

Donna M.

Randy M.

John M.

Thomas M.

Richard M.

Wayne M.

Ruth M.

Peggy N.

Shelia P.

Stephanie R.

Amya R.

Mrs. Justin R.

Desiree R.

Danny R.

Julia R.

Onnie R.

Alan R.


Thomas S.

Ernest S.

Cindy S.

Lawrence S.

Dr. Michael S.

Emily H.S.

Danny S.

Curtis T., Sr. 

Steve T.

David T.

Audrey T.

George T.

Beth V.

Kimberly V.

Mikey V.

Georgia V.Z.

Harold V.

Shelia W.

Gene W.

Jeanette W.

Family of Stanley W.

Susan W-B.

Harrison W.

Sharron W.

Julia W.

Dianne W.

Melissa W.

Connie W.

Howard Y.


Kingdom Prayers

Be Small Enough Ministries

Chairmen of and members of Committees

Pastor Doug and Janie 

Deacons-Servant Leaders

John & Jennifer E. 

Government: (local, state, and U.S.)

Local Missionary Workers

Lost Souls

Ryan and Whitney M. 

Brendon and Katie M.

N.B.C. Baptist Men’s Ministries

N.B.C. Ministries & Church Programs

Norlina Christian School

President Biden & His Advisors

Rebuilding Hope

Sounds of Grace

T.R.C. Tar Roanoke Chaplaincy

United States of America

W.M.U. Ministries

Youth Ministry & Leadership


Nursing Home

All Nursing Home Residents & Staff

Marie B. 

Mae G. 

Louise H. 

Bill K.

Virginia L. 

​Annie M.

Janie M. 

Audrey P. 

Wanda V.

Military Active Duty

All Deployed to dangerous places

Griffin C.

Jordan C.

Thomas D.

Isaiah D. 

Noah L. 

Ryan M. 

Chris M. 

Calvin P. 

Matt P. 

Elizabeth N. 

Sean W.

Jamal W. 


Salvation, Closer Walk with God or Other Challenges

All the Unsaved

Box of Names

Ben B. 

Brandy B.

Bill B.

Dillan C.

Melissa D. 

Allen E.

Bobbie-Jean R. 

Alisha G.

Todd G.


Joe L., Jr. 


Julie L.

Timothy L.

Alexis M.

Angel M.


Valarie M. 

Wayne R.  

Wendy S.& Family 

David T.

Lee T. and Children 

3 Brothers: Stephen, Jeremiah & Simeon 

Kimberly V. 

David W.