Dear Fellow Members,
            It would appear that spring may finally have sprung. In the meantime, as children of the Master, we should enjoy whatever the seasons and the weather brings. Speaking of spring, April should bring in the blossoms and greenery and yes, grass cutting, a delight to the lawn mowing fans. It should also start a season of renewal in our lives. A season where we can reflect on the past days of bitter cold, early darkness and just trying to get warm. A season we can reflect on the winter weather also. Spiritual renewal is far better and lasting than seasonal renewal and the time to consider it is now!
            Easter Sunday is coming up and is a special day to remember that our Lord provided the only way for us to be in eternity with Him. It is a day to remember what He did so willingly. I cannot even imagine what it must have been like to have gone through what Jesus did. Nevertheless, He did and we can be the beneficiaries of that time. If you have never truly given your life to Jesus, the time is now. Those believers that have gone on before us will be in heaven and they and the angels will delight in our coming.
            This Easter Sunday will be a time of worshipful celebration of the loving care a Holy God has shown us in His provisions. It will be a time to start our commitment for the plans God has for us during the next year. A time we can look excitedly about the many opportunities as church we can accomplish those things so needed to keep God’s house and ministry in order. Be a Christian that looks for opportunities to serve. 
            The month of April is being dedicated to prayer for the revival (May 3 through May 6).  Cottage prayers will be planned for April 26 – May 1.  Watch the bulletin for more information.
            May God continue to bless each of you as you bless me and my family.
Because He lives,

Pastor Doug

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