Dear Fellow Members,
            What a great time of year to have a revival (Starts May 3rd). What a great time of year to be revived. It is spring, and time for us to move up and move forward in our efforts to win this community to Christ. After the revival, we have mission teams taking part in SOS with Rebuilding Hope Ministries. In July it’s VBS. And the list grows.
            Why does it seem we have lots to do? It is because God has entrusted us with a mission and the time to gear up and make it happen is now. There are many signs that people are interested in the Lord and we have the privilege of telling them. To that end, Bro Randy is about the business of organizing outreach teams. These teams will have a great impact on our community. You need to be a part of this work; just let Randy know your willingness.
            This time of year is also exciting because we see and hear what God is doing in so many of our members’ lives. Think about the great wonders in which we are being allowed to participate such as the growth of the Youth ministry, the participation of so many folks in church projects, the increase in bible study classes, the number of baptisms, and the list just keeps increasing.
            It is awesome to be about the business of helping raise the new saints and even some older saints to spiritual maturity. What is next? The mature saints go lead more to Christ so we can raise them! That is the cycle of the church and it’s called “Win the Lost and Raise the Saints.” No boredom here. What we do have here is just the love of Jesus and a desire to see the world come to the saving grace of God!
           May God continue to bless each of you as you bless me and my family.
Because He lives,

Pastor Doug

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