Dear Members,
            As “labor day weekend” passes, things generally get to a less hectic pace. School is in full swing, most folks have vacationed and fall is right around the corner. As we prepare for the fall season, and soon to be winter, there are many exciting things to look forward to. There will be special activities including our choir singing for a revival at another church the end of September. (Be sure to check the bulletin for details). There are stews and baked goods to make and sell, Thanksgiving to prepare for, and this year’s Christmas program will involve 50 plus people, not to forget Christmas caroling. But the real focus needs to be reaching others for the Lord. Let us not miss an opportunity to share what great things God is doing in our lives and the life of the Church.
            The life of our friend and brother, Rev. Seth Miller, Sulfur Springs Baptist Church, could use a helping hand in dealing with the cancer treatments for him and the medical bills for him and his son. The Special fund we established is a real and practical way, we as fellow believers can help this man of God. In his fight against cancer and the caring for his autistic child, many miles will be traveled and require much gas. If there was ever a time we could help a brother in need, this is it. Please give by labeling your gifts to Norlina Baptist Church –Seth Miller Fund. Simply put in the collections or mail to the church. It will put in the special fund for his use in offsetting the tremendous expenses related to their medical treatments. What a blessing to Pastor Miller and his family. 
Because He lives
Pastor Doug

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