Dear Fellow Members,
            Fall has fallen and things are picking up at the church. This time of year brings some changes and some things that stay the same. If we are to continue to grow the Kingdom for our God, our goals must be to kneel down, pray up, get up, get out, stand up and bring in:
            Kneeling to God in reverence, repentance, and humbleness
            Praying to God in submission for His directions
            Getting up to follow God’s directions and instructions with joy
            Getting out to share God’s great message for life eternal and His church’s                      activities
            Standing up for what God stands for in spite of prevailing attitudes
            Bring in the lost, the needy, and those in want of an active ongoing relationship             with God and His children.    
Our mission is clear! Our directions are biblical. Are our hearts and feet prepared for the task?
            We established a special fund to help our brother Rev. Seth Miller and his family in a real and practical way. He has been told of additional cancers that are appearing, yet in the face of these challenges Bro Seth has been cheerful and is staying the course. We as fellow believers can help and need to help this man of God. Please give by labeling your gifts to Norlina Baptist Church –Seth Miller Fund. Simply put your donations in the collections or mail to the church.
Because He lives,
Pastor Doug

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